A HEAVY-DUTY INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE PLATFORM CART/TRUCK WITH A 36" x 60" WOOD DECK. THE MOLDED SOLID RUBBER WHEELS, MEAN NO FLAT TIRES. THE MAIN AXLE WHEELS ARE 12", WHILE BOTH END WHEELS ARE 8". THE 4" DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO WHEEL SIZES, ALLOWS THE CART TO ''TILT' SLIGHTLY, FROM END-TO-END, WHICH ENABLES YOU TO SPIN THE CART IN CIRCLES! A VERY USEFUL FEATURE IN TIGHT SITUATIONS. THE CART HAS A WRAP-AROUND STEEL FRAME, WITH FOUR STEEL CORNER POCKETS THAT ALLOW YOU TO INSERT 1 1/4" STEEL PIPES FOR STEERING. $200. SIMILAR CARTS LIKE THIS ONE NEW ARE RATED FOR 3,500 LBS., AND ARE PRICED BETWEEN $967. 00 - $1,013.00 Please don't ask if this item is still available. If this ad is up, that means this item is still for sale. Because of all the scammers out there, and the scam emails I get every time I post a new ad, I will only reply back to inquiries that include both your first name and phone number, otherwise your email will be automatically deleted. Thanks for understanding.